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Client Advisory: State of MO – Missouri Senate Bill 630 Affixing Manufactured Homes to Real Property

Posted on 1/17/2012 by Administrator Account in client advisory

New ways for Lenders to help consumers with Manufactured Housing came into effect, as Missouri Senate Bill 630, passed by the General Assembly during the 2010 session. This now allows a manufactured home to be converted to real property by a process of affixation beginning March 1, 2011. Title companies, like Nations, may issue an ALTA 7-06 in conjunction with an Owner’s or Loan Policy if the following steps are taken:

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Client Advisory: State of OH – Revised Code ORC Section 5301.071 OH Trusts Holding Title to Real Estate

Posted on 1/13/2012 by Administrator Account in client advisory

Ohio Revised Code Section 5301.071 provides that the validity of instruments filed for record is not affected by reason of certain matters such as dower not being specifically released, the absence of a notary seal, the acknowledgment being on a separate sheet of paper or the failure of certain fiduciaries who sign or acknowledge an instrument to indicate their representative capacity.

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Client Advisory: State of OR - OR2011008 - Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act Chapter 212

Posted on 1/12/2012 by Administrator Account in client advisory

On January 1, 2012, the law governing the use of a Transfer on Death Deed in the state of Oregon takes effect. A Transfer on Death Deed allows an individual who owns real property to pass title to their property upon their death, avoiding the need for a probate. Key elements of this new law are as follows:

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FMC's New Operating System Streamlines the Foreclosure Management Process

Posted on 1/11/2012 by Administrator Account in technology and security

Foreclosure Management Company has announced that they are launching their new operating system called F2, giving FMC an extra edge over their competition. F2 includes features that will benefit several of their departments, from customer interaction to paperless invoicing.

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Client Advisory: State of LA – R.S 22:513.1 – Required New Data on Security Instruments

Posted on 1/10/2012 by Administrator Account in client advisory

Effective on January 1, 2012, when title insurance is being issued to either a purchaser or a mortgagee, regarding one-to-four family residential transactions, the conveyance document and mortgage must contain the information required by R.S. 22:513.1.

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