Encompass Solutions


Import Fee Function

  • 100% Accurate and Guaranteed
  • Fully Integrated with Ernst Publishing to quote County Recording fees, and Transfer Taxes in real time
  • Automatically populates fees into the Loan Estimator (LE) and Closing Disclosure (CD)

Document Delivery into the E-Folder

  • Current Encompass contact receives emails to indicate a document(s)have been uploaded. Contact simply goes into the file and “Check Status” to pull all documentation into the e-Folder
  • Saves time and emails and keeps all documentation right within Encompass

Export CD

  • This allows users to send a completed CD, populated with all fees, directly from Encompass
  • This also allows for much faster turn times, as this populates all required fields in Nations system and eliminates the need to re-key figures
  • CD Export is done in conjunction with the scheduling of the closing, to allow a much more congruent process

Loan Amount Update

  • Change a loans current loan amount, and have all supporting documentation updated in real time and re-delivered into the e-folder

Schedule a Notary / Attorney Closing right in Encompass


Print Flyers