Nations Lending Services (NLS) is known to be, by its clients, as being one of the best performing national title and appraisal companies. Below is a place to submit honest feedback for any consumer, lender or realtor, and to write about their experience working with NLS:

Chad, Chase Manager

Nations Lending continues to set the standard for excellence in the lending insurance industry.

Paul, Pennsylvania Homeowner

I can’t say enough about the staff at Nations Lending. They worked tirelessly to try to get us closed so we could get keys because the house we bought was not finished and not ready for us to move in. I appreciate all that you did for us.

Joslyn, Wells Loan Officer

I can always rely on Nations Lending Company to do the job in a professional and timely manner. If any difficulties arise I can count on them to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Scott and Linda, Minnesota Homeowners

Simple, easy painless. The least stressful part of moving. The closer was a pleasure to work with.

Brent, Fifth Third Processor

I have found that all of the people that I have worked with at Nations Lending go above and beyond in providing assistance with requests and transactions in a most efficient manner.

Roger and Brenda, Missouri Homeowners

Yes I would definitely recommend Nations Lending. I had the most personal service. They made things as easy as they could considering the problems we had to deal with. Thank You!

Jon, Oklahoma Realtor

We appreciate the consistent professionalism exhibited by Nations Lending on all of our REO and short sale closings – they’re the best.

Kristin, Maryland Homeowner

At a difficult time that was made more difficult by the lack of communication from my bank, Nations Lending was a refreshing ray of sunshine. Thank you!

Jason, Wells Fargo Borrower

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the role a lending company plays! When the going got tough with my closing, Nations Lending was there to smooth out kinks and make sure I was protected.

Anjela and Kevin, Arizona Homeowners

I really appreciated the excellent service and caring attitude during the closing of my new home. Your staff was friendly and trustworthy! Thank You!

Alice, Nebraska Realtor

Out of all of my life working in real estate and mortgage, I have never ran across such a proficient and pleasant company in this business before.

Christopher, Florida Realtor

Nations Lending consistently brings professionalism, attention to detail and diligence to the deal. Having them involved always makes my job so much easier.

Patrick, US Bank Processor

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with your customer skills. Everyone in the process was wonderful and did a great job.

David, US Bank Borrower

The professional staff at Nations Lending Company rendered impeccable service for our lending insurance, appraisal and closing. I give the Nations team my strongest possible recommendation.

Monica, Georgia Homeowner

Meeting me at work was fantastic. Very professional operation start to finish. This was the perfect close to an otherwise nervous experience.

Julie, PNC Bank Manager

The excellent service and efficiency of the Nations staff take much of the difficulty out of the closing process.

Bill, Tennessee Realtor

This is the easiest lending company that I have ever worked with! They saved me a lot of time.

Dan, Stonegate Executive

Nations Lending has mastered the art of creating value for their clients by providing the resources, information, and service necessary to execute transactions efficiently.

Karen and Dave, Kansas Homeowners

I was nervous because I was reaching the deadline for the first time homebuyer tax credit but Nations Lending made sure everything was completed timely. Thank You!

Rick, Wells Fargo Manager

In my experience, the quality of service delivered by the Nations Lending team is unsurpassed in the industry. The team is smart, thorough, responsive, and very well connected. There is no challenge too big or too complicated for these professionals.

Melissa, Florida Homeowner

Very pleased with this process. For being a first time home buyer I was treated with great respect and everything was explained in detail. All questions were answered and everything went great! Very friendly staff. Thank you for making this possible and helping me.

Amy, Chase Manager

Nations Lending has demonstrated in every transaction that they are committed to providing professional, efficient and high quality service. Their dedication to customer service makes it a pleasure to work with them.

Mary, PNC Bank Loan Officer

I would definitely recommend Nations Lending to my friends. My escrow officer was very prepared and prompt. It went so smooth I couldn’t believe it.

Todd and Dawn, Kentucky Homeowners

Nations was wonderful and helped explain all of the documents we signed. Their closer was prompt and courteous on returning calls with any questions that we had.

Kevin, US Bank Manager

We have been fortunate throughout our careers to have been able to work with many wonderful people in a variety of capacities, concerning a large number of issues. The folks at Nations Lending Company have established the benchmark for competence, integrity and professionalism within this outstanding group of people.

Michael, Bank of America Borrower

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness. I am a military veteran with multiple disabilities and was treated with kindness, respect and was explained all the details.

Lance and Julie, California Homeowners

Nice and helpful to us before, during and after the closing. Good job and thank you very much.

Dennis and Mary, Utah Homeowners

This being my first home I am so, so happy. I can not put in words how happy I am. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Moses, American Bank Loan Officer

They made themselves extremely available and made closing on time a very easy process.

Nations Lending Services (NLS) is known to be, by its clients, as being one of the best performing national title and appraisal companies. Below is a place to submit honest feedback for any consumer, lender or realtor, and to write about their experience working with NLS:

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